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Susan Montee has done and outstanding job in producing audits. In 2009, with a staff of approximately 130 and a budget close to 5 million dollars, she turned out 151 audits. So what has been the net result of all of these audits? Do we know if these audits saved the state any money? How many of her recommendations were acted upon? We just don't know. The audits are very thorough but they don't tend to differentiate the important from the unimportant. In the Jennings School district "Administrative salaries increased by a total of approximately $988,000 from fiscal year 2006 to 2008. The increase is primarily due to the creation of nine administrative positions" is given the same weight as the city of Florissant's audit. " Rental revenue lost to the city ranged from approximately $11,600 to $18,200. City tables and chairs were used for the Mayor's wedding anniversary at no charge."(For shame!) The contrast of such audits should seem clear-cut. However, both carried similar press. I want to know who hired theses administrators for $988,000 dollars? Are they still there?
Simply put, I would like fewer audits and more net results. We don't really know if the Auditor's office saves the state money or cost the state money. As State Auditor I would focus on the important, do what I can to name and expose those responsible, get the media involved and put pressure to actually cause some of my recommendations to be enacted.


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