Why Libertarian?

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Forgive me if I offend anyone, but that sounds a lot like the average American voter. They continue to vote either Democrat or Republican and get the same corrupt politics, the same growth in Government and the same increasing regulation. There is much more similarity between Democrats and Republicans than either party cares to acknowledge. For the most part they are career politicians more interested in their reelection. They all play the same political games, the same grandstanding and partisan fighting to exaggerate their differences. Most middle class people tell you they want less Government and less regulation but continue to vote for parties that have never really accomplished either one. Lately there’s been a movement to throw out the incumbents. That would help but in most cases you will just be replacing the incumbent with another career politician with all his cronies and people he owes favors to because they helped him get elected. The only real way to change the same politics as usual is to vote Libertarian. They alone stand for less government, less regulation, and don’t have the massive power grid that both the Democrats and Republicans have. If over the years I’ve found one thing that is almost always true, it’s that power corrupts. We have a very powerful and corrupt Congress. The Libertarians have no power and they are not corrupt. If they were to become a major party in thirty or forty years they would probably become corrupt, too, but think what a difference you could make in that time. It might be just enough to save the country. I am convinced that most middle class people are Libertarian in their hearts. Maybe it’s time to vote your heart.


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